Weekend Wrap up and Menu Monday

We had the dullest weekend ever! I was still sick- coughing, exhausted, and squeaky chirps in lieu of a voice. Thankfully my parents watched the tiny diva, and took her to her school friend’s Skylander birthday party. I consider myself pretty well versed in party themes, but this was a new one for me! The party was at one of those indoor moonwalk places, and the kiddoes looked like they were having a blast.




Other than that, we had a bunch of rain. Oliver is not what you would call ‘outdoorsy.’  But, he refused to come inside and got soaking wet playing with the rain that came out of the gutters. This went on for a good 10 minutes and I had to video him!

Something I am trying to work on is having a planned menu every week. I’m definitely not someone who craves structure or routines, but… my husband and daughter are. A few years ago, I read about having themed nights of the week to make menu planning easier. I think that will help keep this spontaneous girl on track! Here’s what I am planning to plan for ;) :

Monday- Mexican Monday

Tuesday- Take Out Tuesday

Wednesday- What’s New Wednesday

Thursday- Tuscan Thursday

Friday- Family Favorite Friday

Mexican Monday is pretty self explanatory. Take out Tuesday as well, but this is the night that tiny diva has dance and doesn’t get out until 7. If I want this to work, I need to be realistic.  The likelihood of us getting back and me starting to cook is highly unlikely. Plus, the diva always wants a Happy Meal post ballet. Eventually I’d like to add some freezer meals or crockpot dishes in on Tuesdays, but I need to get the routine (sigh) of the other days. Wednesday is for trying out new recipes that I might find online, Pinterest, the Paprika app, or from an online service called Saving Dinner. Saving Dinner is pretty cool because they send you a weekly group of recipes, you decide what you want to make and then their app generates a shopping list on your phone. You can edit it and add household items, so I think it will be very helpful. Thursday was the best name I could come up with for Italian food, pastas being a go to here.  And Friday is for the recipes that have been tried and true in our family. So, for this first week here is my plan:

Mexican Monday: Chicken enchiladas

Take Out Tuesday: tbd

What’s New Wednesday: Grilled flank steak with nectarines

Tuscan Thursday: Chicken piccata with angel hair pasta

Family Favorite Friday: Pulled pork


We’ll see how it goes this week, and I’ll report back next Monday. Wish me luck and have a great week!



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