Christmas tour of homes- The garlands!

I’m linking up with some of my favorite blogs to do the Christmas tour of homes. Since this is our first Christmas in the new house,  I’ve had to completely revamp our decorations. Which basically means I’ve been lurking at Hobby Lobby! ;)

Rotunda garland


The first major project was the stair garland. the other houses we’ve lived in doc not have prominent staircases. But, this house has two! The main staircase is circular, with a banister going around the entire rotunda. I started with a basic lit garland, then wired in a floral garland that was on a grapevine base. The red poinsettias, gold grapevine spheres and fir branches were all on that garland.  After that, I made loops of ribbon, I fed it through light gauge floral wire as if I was sewing it. That made it incredibly easy to place on the garland, and the wire also gave me a method of securing its position.  Not having an exact idea of how much garland I would need is what  I found to be the most challenging part of this project.  Although I did  attempt to estimate how much I needed by measuring with a tape measure, once I started wiring the pieces together I realized the garland was getting much more compact. Plus, a straight metal tape measure didn’t go around the curved staircase very easy! So, I would assemble 4 sets of garland, end to end, then drag it over to the staircase and see how far it reached. After the first 6 sections it started to get very heavy.


Once I finally got it all together, after a LOT of lugging back and forth, I attached it with clear rubber ties.  I found them at a hardware store, they were intended to hang outdoor Christmas lights. They were fantastic because you cinch them up, similar to a zip tie, but they are clear and the rubber won’t damage the banister like wire would.  And they were much stronger than the fabric covered wire I also tried out.  The final steps were adding gold deco mesh and some bronze colored poinsettia picks. I debated swagging the garland, but ended up just placing it on the top edge.

Our return stairs got a different treatment, they led up to our home theatre that is done in silver, deep gray and black.  I chose a crystal and snowflake theme for the tree in this room, as well as the return stairs’ garland. A funny tidbit,  all the ice garland and snowflakes are actually from our wedding. Annnnnd, Avery’s Frozen birthday party. The moral of the story- if you buy in bulk, you can find lots of creative new uses!! (Eventually, if 8 years later your wedding theme just so happens to be a Disney movie.)






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